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Anthony Woodley, a “director to watch” according to MovieScope magazine is also a co-writer on this post-apocalyptic thriller which focuses on what could happen if something isn’t done regarding the current overuse of antibiotics?

Eight survivors escape to the skies in a badly damaged Boeing 747 to avoid a pandemic that is
ravaging the earth. While they realise there’s nowhere safe on the ground, things start to go wrong in the air. How long can they stay airborne? And more importantly what will be waiting for them when they land?

“Artificial Horizon will have elements of ‘Contagion’ and the ‘The Road’, and many of the action sequences will be set on board a 747,” says Anthony Woodley the film’s director. “We love Sci-Fi, we love thrillers and we love films that make you think” Woodley adds.


Luke Healy, Helen Kingston, Stefan Mitchell and Anthony Woodley

Anthony Woodley

Luke Healy and Anthony Woodley

In Production

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