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The Beatles. Four mop haired young men from Liverpool who changed the world. The end……Wrong, the pop music revolution that went on to rock the world and change society forever, didn’t begin – or end – with the Beatles alone.

The City that Rocked the World’, featuring  eye witness interviews, rare archive footage, memorabilia, live concerts and performances, its due to be a landmark film spanning over sixty years of music from one unique source. For the first and probably last time, more than 150 famous (and not so famous) artists, musicians, movers and shakers from the past and present have come together in an epic documentary, to tell the true, untold and often controversial story - of how Liverpool rocked the world, and still does, thanks to its unique cultural heritage.

Unique in the history of world music, Liverpool has the sole distinction of creating more artists, more bands and more chart hits than any other city. At the peak of the golden ‘beat’ era, it had over 400 bands, more than 250 clubs and its own music newspaper. And despite the north-south power struggle to end its domination of the music charts, Liverpool has swept back time and again with fresh waves of chart topping artists for over 50 years. This feature length documentary tells that incredible history. A true eye-witness story by the working class heroes who have achieved extraordinary things.

Roger Appleton

Garry Popper

150+ artists and contributors, famous past and present artists, including The Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Merseybeats, The Clash, Lee Curtis.

Post Production

The City that Rocked

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